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Welcome, Spring!

Mar 21, 2024

Let's take a moment to look back at all that we accomplished together during Q1 2024, shall we?

Welcome, spring! 

As authors, contractors, and agencies sweep the last bits of winter from their doorsteps, daydreaming of new bookish endeavors, here’s a quick look back and, ahem, forward at Foreword Literary Consulting, LLC's Q1 and Q2 for this year. 

❗ Creative Matchmaking has secured a minimum of $20,797 in contracts for creatives and clients, boosting the lifetime generated revenue through the service to $59,388.86. ❗ 

I say minimum because Creative Matchmaking omits any and all clauses of non-solicitation and non-competes between those contractors matched to projects and the clients they meet through the service. I want you to have a longstanding, fruitful relationship. As a result, I'm only able to gauge the minimum revenue for a given quarter. 

Creative Matchmaking has also led to SIX new titles in circulation from January to mid-year:

📕 Susan Conrad's reprint of her epic adventure memoir, INSIDE: ONE WOMAN'S JOURNEY THROUGH THE INSIDE PASSAGE.

📘 Jane J. Bader, DMA's long-awaited release of MUSIC FOR THE DEVELOPING BRAIN: A SIMPLE, AT-HOME PROGRAM

📙 Valerie J. Walsh's sophomore release on how to embrace your true, COREAGEOUS self. (Pre-order available)

📗 Alexander Concepcion's Dante-inspired guide for entrepreneurs on how to navigate their first years in business, aptly named SURVIVAL FIRST. (Pre-order available)

📕 Christine Cooper's guide to FINDING VALUE in yourself, using the methodology and philosophies that helped her, a self-proclaimed "reformed mean girl." Though I have to say, I'm doubtful. She's so kind. (Releasing May 21, 2024)

📘 And Alex Lau's forthcoming title, KEEP CALM AND CODE ON, recounting the lessons he's learned throughout his coding career. (Release TBD)

There's so much more -- check out the slides to see all updates on the connections & resources that Foreword Literary Consulting, LLC can provide

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