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A Farewell to Small Press Distribution

Apr 3, 2024

And how we support each other in the shift

Six months ago I was helping a new publisher submit their application for Small Press Distribution (SPD). 

The rejection they received was -- understandably -- disheartening. 

SPD has been the gateway for newly-established and small scale independent publishers to both access widespread distribution at minimal cost and to prepare for distribution through the larger and more well-known Independent Publishers Group (IPG). 

In retrospect, the rejection was a great service, thrusting them into innovative discussions about how to overcome this surface-level setback. 

While I'm sorry to see SPD cease operations, I have hope for others in this space. 

If you're looking to read more about this change in distribution options or read the statement from SPD announcing their closure, check out the article below. 

And indie publishers: If you're looking to brainstorm ways to expand and diversify your P&D operations, I'd love to be your sounding board. 

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