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Seeking direction
along your publishing path? I'm here to be your guide.

My Mission? Be Your Go-To Publishing Ally

Through my journey working in trade, hybrid, and supporting self-publishing, I've encountered many challenges–from profit-driven motives to gatekeeping and the tendency for some publishers to prioritize quantity over quality, resulting in a constant content churn.

These experiences inspired the birth of Foreword Literary Consulting, a welcoming, conflict-free haven for authors, freelancers, and publishing teams. I'm dedicated to making a positive impact while offering you honest and unbiased support and ensuring your future success, all while striving for a more transparent and equitable industry for everyone involved.

As a Publishing Matchmaker and Consultant, my mission is to be your go-to ally in navigating the ever-evolving publishing world. I'm here to connect you with the essential tools, resources, and compassionate guidance needed to confidently pursue your goals, whether publishing your book, finding your next author to publish, or matching you to other creatives.

Every project I undertake begins with a strategic discussion where we will explore your ambitions. Whether you're an author, publisher, or freelancer, we will consider what's possible and sketch the path ahead.

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