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How Does the Creative Network Support Freelance Writers & Editors?

Foreword Literary Consulting's mission with Creative Matchmaking is to provide bespoke publishing team creation and targeted introductions between clients and freelancers. There are not and will never be any non-compete or non-solicitation clauses in work facilitated through Foreword Lit because I want you to enjoy who you are working with, and the best result is a long-term creative partnership that is mutually fulfilling for both parties.

Beginning February 5, 2024, there are added benefits and resources for those freelancers and independent contractors registered in the Creative Network with an annual membership, including:

  • access to the Semi-Annual Pay Transparency Report

  • access to the annual Creative Match Contract boilerplate

  • contract facilitation by me with clients you've agreed to work with

  • access to secure Dropbox folders and Docusign files for projects facilitated through Creative Matchmaking

  • targeted introduction to other freelancers who have similar interests and/or goals as you do with your freelance career

Annual Membership is $50.00 and 75% of the proceeds go toward the Freelancer Security Fund.

An alternative free, basic membership including access to one Pay Transparency Report annually and provide their own contracts for Creative Matches is available for those who submit their details through the Pay Transparency Report.

Ready to join the network?

Finding Your Fit

Below are the eleven types of writing and editing roles and deliverables that Foreword Lit's Creative Matchmaking is prepared to support.


Book Proposal Writer

Exactly as it sounds, this is ghostwriting for book proposals -- plus a little bit of Book Coaching, if the author needs it. 


Book Proposal Editor

Book proposal editors complete developmental or line editing on a completed draft of the author's proposal. They may also provide positioning support. 


Book Coach

Book Coaches "facilitate the creative conception of a book idea, help develop a first draft into a completed manuscript, or assist in proofreading and copy editing." (MasterClass definition available here.)


Book Doctor

Book Doctors take the manuscript in whatever state the author hands it over to them, identify all the ways to enhance, polish, and complete the manuscript, and complete that work before handing it back to the author in sterling condition.


Manuscript Evaluator

Manuscript Evaluators conduct the first half of book doctoring (i.e. identify all the ways the manuscript could improve) and then return the untouched manuscript and the notes to the author for instruction on how to edit it independently of the evaluator's time and skill.



Ghostwriters are contracted for the writing of an author/client's manuscript, taking their identified book content and turning it into a full-length manuscript draft, however they often also help with identifying structure and guiding the author through the emotional journey of putting their book to page


Developmental Editor

Developmental editors deal with content, organization, and genre considerations. (The full EFA definition is here.)


Line Editor

Line Editors work at a line and sentence level to improve the style and flow of the text. They may also address grammar errors if they do not overlap with the approved style guide. 



Copyeditors keep their eyes on the lookout for grammar, syntax, and logical errors in the text. This often coincides with academic or heavily footnoted/cited texts. 



Proofreaders are looking for typographical and formatting errors on the page to create a near-perfect copy of the full-length text. 



Typically associated with marketing, the Copywriter works within book publishing to draft book descriptions & author bios, provide blurb samples, and act as a bridge between production and marketing.

Not ready to fully sign up? No worries! We'll be here, and glad to welcome you at anytime.

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