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How Does the Creative Network Support Freelance Graphic & Book Designers?

Foreword Literary Consulting's mission with Creative Matchmaking is to provide bespoke publishing team creation and targeted introductions between clients and freelancers. There are not and will never be any non-compete or non-solicitation clauses in work facilitated through Foreword Lit because I want you to enjoy who you are working with, and the best result is a long-term creative partnership that is mutually fulfilling for both parties.

Beginning February 5, 2024, there are added benefits and resources for those freelancers and independent contractors registered in the Creative Network with an annual membership, including:

  • access to the Semi-Annual Pay Transparency Report

  • access to the annual Creative Match Contract boilerplate

  • contract facilitation by me with clients you've agreed to work with

  • access to secure Dropbox folders and Docusign files for projects facilitated through Creative Matchmaking

  • targeted introduction to other freelancers who have similar interests and/or goals as you do with your freelance career

Annual Membership is $50.00 and 75% of the proceeds go toward the Freelancer Security Fund.

An alternative free, basic membership including access to one Pay Transparency Report annually and provide their own contracts for Creative Matches is available for those who submit their details through the Pay Transparency Report.

Ready to join the network?

Finding Your Fit

Below are the five types of book design deliverables that Foreword Lit's Creative Matchmaking is prepared to support.


Important Note: Web Design and Author Branding will arrive in the Marketing & PR intake form! 


Cover Designer


Interior Graphic Designer


Interior Layout Designer (Typesetting & Page Composition)


Imprint Design


ePub Conversion

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